Name: Beefalo Broccoflower
Felis Cattus
Female, probably born in 2001
Colours: Black, White, various shades of brown
Eye colour: Gold

Beefalo is a shy, quiet cat. It is very rare that she uses her voice, and she is particularly afraid of strangers. She will eat practically anything a human will, including apples and bread, and has a strange interest in plastic -- if given some wrap or packaging made of it, she will lick it for hours. She's very playful when comfortable, and has been known to let out unladylike grunts when sufficiently riled up. She was probably taken from her mother too young -- depending on mood and comfort, she'll search exposed human skin for places to suckle. She's very nimble and is a very good jumper.

Beefalo is part ghost, and has the ability to become invisible. Her half-invisible state, which she normally is in, is visible in the photo above.