Name: Tortfeasor Broccoflower
Felis Cattus
Male, probably born in 2003
Colours: Black, White
Eye colour: Yellow

Tortfeasor is big, dumb, and friendly. He's not as noisy as some cats I've known, but talks moderately often. When he feels neglected, he'll walk up to people, squeak, and theatrically fall onto his side or back on the floor and stretch out. Tortfeasor is clumsy and energetic, and prone to spending hours opening and closing cabinet doors for no discernable reason. He's very social with everyone he sees, whether he knows them or not. Due to overeating, he has a bit of a ponch.

Beefalo was once, as a reward for valiant service to the British Navy, given a charm that allows him to move through walls as if they're not there. The photo above shows him using that charm.