Getting Started

In order to participate in these exercises, you will need: You will need to familiarize yourself with your telnet software to the degree of being able to telnet to a given host on a given port number. For example, telnet to on port 23. This will, done correctly, bring up the InterNIC's WHOIS database. Type exit to leave the database. Note that for most protocols, you will need to turn on local echo in order to see your text as you type. Unix telnet will do this automatically -- telnet clients on other operating systems may require this to be done manually. Using telnet, we will be exploring several different protocols that are the basis of many pieces of internet software. These protocols, more often than not, are based on the transmission of text data, in commands and responses, with the useful feature of being able to be manipulated directly by a knowlegable user. If you have successfully completed the exercise above, you are ready to go on to the next section.